Telehealth – Video Counseling Services

Telehealth (or telemedicine) involves the use of electronic communications. This allows health care providers another tool to improve patient accessibility and care. Both counselors and case managers may use these services. They include live two-way audio and video, much like Skype or Facetime but using special software to ensure privacy.

Clients must have a working camera and microphone on a computer or other device (phone/tablet) with a high-speed internet connection to utilize our telehealth services. Please remember, you are responsible for the confidentiality of their personal environment during these services.


You may be appropriate for these services based on your personal needs, abilities, and/or transportation barriers. Telehealth software is provided by a qualified business associate and documentation of HIPAA compliance is available.

If you’re an existing client of Recovery in Oklahoma and think you might benefit from video counseling services, please let your counselor know. Not everyone is appropriate for telehealth counseling. Some things to consider would include adequate internet access,  problem severity, individual risk, barriers to transportation, and/or the individual’s need for out-of-home activities.